Customer Success 101: The Fundamentals Of Customer Success From Start To Finish

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​"I don't know where to start when learning about Customer Success."

​"I want to feel more confident in my job as a Customer Success professional, but there's a lot that I don't know."

​"I feel overwhelmed by all there is to know about Customer Success–I'm stuck!"

You might be feeling this way if you are in your Customer Success career search journey or if you are in your Customer Success career.

Customer Success 101 is a lightning-fast course to empower you with the knowledge you need to know about CS to thrive in your career.

What you'll get out of this course:

Understand what Customer Success is (and isn't) - There are a ton of misconceptions and questions about Customer Success. This course clearly articulates what it is and what it isn't so you can move with clarity in your career.

Learn the fundamental principles of Customer Success - Really get what Customer Success is so you can show up more confidently in your career, whether that's with your customers, teammates, or hiring teams.

Uncover how to work cross-functionally - Customer Success is more than just a department, it's a mindset. The entire company needs to be in on the mindset, and knowing the difference between you and the other teams, their responsibilities, and how you'll collaborate with them can make your job smoother.

Be more prepared for Customer Success interviews - Confidence starts with knowledge, and the way to align your skills and experience to customer success starts with knowing, at its core, what customer success is. Show hiring managers that you know customer success and why you're the perfect person for the position

​In this hour-long crash course, we'll cover:

  • ​Software as a Service (SaaS) & Customer Success
  • ​What is Customer Success? ​
  • KPIs/Metrics of Customer Success
  • ​The Customer Lifecycle in SaaS ​
  • The Customer Success Department / Different Roles ​Customer Success
  • Collaborating With Different Teams ​Responsibilities of a Customer Success
  • ​Customer Success Methodologies and Frameworks ​

This course is for you: ​

  1. You are actively pivoting to a career in Customer Success.
  2. You recently started your Customer Success Career.
  3. You are in Customer Success, but it's not 100% "Customer Success."

Hear it from others–What those who attended the LIVE course are saying:

I want this!

Hour-long engaging video course that teaches you customer success without the fluff!

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Customer Success 101: The Fundamentals Of Customer Success From Start To Finish

3 ratings
I want this!