Customer Success Curriculum

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Learning Customer Success can be overwhelming.

There's information everywhere, and if you're new, chances are you don't know where to start.

But you need to know what CS is, why it's important, what the role looks like, and how to do the job effectively if you want to land a job in customer success and thrive in your career.

You can learn all of that in this curriculum without having to reinvent the wheel yourself 💪

Hi there, I'm Diana, the founder of The Customer Success Project, an organization aimed at helping Customer Success professionals (and aspiring) thrive in their careers.

I've been a Customer Success Manager at three companies, including a Customer Success Platform. I have seen how Customer Success works at over 50+ companies and have helped companies build their CS program.

I have seen A LOT of CS, and I'm sharing my breakdown of CS in this easy-to-follow curriculum to help you learn about Customer Success in a structured way.

Knowing what Customer Success is isn't a nice to have these days. To stand out in a crowded job market, you need to fill in the gaps when you lack experience.

And once you land the job, the learning doesn't stop there! You must constantly sharpen your skills and knowledge to reach your career's next level.

This curriculum is your guide! Here's what's covered in this curriculum:

  • Basics of SaaS
  • What is Customer Success
  • Customer Success Methodologies and Frameworks (QBRs, renewals, upsells, playbooks, success plans, etc.)
  • Customer Success and working with other teams
  • Customer Success vs. Account Management
  • Different Roles in CS
  • Responsibilities of a CSM
  • Customer Success Skills

This 40-page curriculum includes 70+ of the best Customer Success resources to help you expand your learning.

I want this!

40 Pages, 70+ vetted Customer Success resources, Easy to follow breakdowns of CS


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Customer Success Curriculum

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