The Ultimate Guide To Landing a Customer Success Manager Job!

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2 years ago, I couldn't get a Customer Success job to save my life. 

I didn't have the "right experience" or know what a "QBR" was.

After many –– and I mean many –– failed attempts, I had to get strategic with my application techniques. Making key changes helped me secure my first official job as a Customer Success Manager at a company called Spoke.

And then just a few months later, I landed the job of my dreams working as a CSM for one of the fastest-growing Customer Success Platforms, Catalyst 🙌

Now, I'm sitting on the other side of the table. I'm part of the hiring team responsible for recruiting CSMs.  

Throughout my journey, I've shared my wins and failures publicly in an effort to help people (like you) land a job as a CSM. Now, I want to share all of my tips and tricks to demystify the interview process. This guide is here to help you understand what the application process is all about, hacks you should put in place to stand out, and how to get yourself to the finish line, aka LAND THE JOB!

Here's how I plan to get you there:

Part 1: We're going to start by understanding "What is Customer Success?" This seems basic but we'll need the context so that everything else makes sense. You'll learn about SaaS (examples and resources included) and then we'll move on to learning about the role of a Customer Success Manager day-to-day, overall responsibilities, and skills needed. Then we'll be ready to look for the job.

Part 2: The second part will focus on finding the job. Customer success is vast, I want you to find a job that speaks to you, that makes you excited to do it every day. I'll show you all the possibilities that are out there and give you techniques to help you do your search. We'll then talk about your assets! I have tips for you on cover letters, resumes, and MORE. The last part of this section will come down to networking —stay with me here— you'll need to start forming relationships that will help you get your dream job. Blindly applying isn't part of the plan.

Part 3: Yayy, you've got an interview. Now what?! This section will tell you everything you need to know about the Customer Success Manager interview process. We'll start with how to properly do research for the interview, questions they'll ask you and vice versa, the task/presentation and we'll close out with how to handle discussions about compensation.

I'm sharing 70+ examples, tips, and resources to help you stand out and GET THE JOB! If you're ready to rock, let's do this 🙌

What people have to say about the guide...

Hi Diana! I just finished reading your E-guide, it was superrrrrrr helpful! Wish I would’ve read this BEFORE my interview last week 😅. Thanks for taking the time to put great content out! - Grace Molina (HIRED!)

...I’ve been a silent viewer on TikTok (and most recently, YouTube) for a few months now and you’ve inspired me to pursue a CS role despite my background in advertising. I really appreciate what you’ve been doing for people who want to break into Tech and I’m so lucky to come across you and your content this early on in my career!


Excited to share as well that I’ll be starting a new role as Customer Success Associate at a SaaS company by mid-November. Could not have done it without your advice! Cheers! - Angelica Mariano (HIRED!) 

Hi Diana, I was looking to make a move to a CS role and was searching for a good resource that can help me understand the role and provide tips on interviews. Your Ultimate Guide was really helpful, and guess what?? I got my dream job as a CSM recently. Thanks a ton. Love to connect with you 🙂 - Mohammad Ghouse (HIRED!)

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You'll get 40 pages of tips and tricks with over 75 real examples & resources to help you land the CS job of your dreams!


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The Ultimate Guide To Landing a Customer Success Manager Job!

20 ratings
I want this!